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“The Catholic Colored Mission of Windsor” Plaque

Thanks to the hard work of a group of individuals, a plaque to commemorate “The Catholic Coloured Mission of Windsor” was unveil Wednesday  August 19th, 2015.  However! there are two that requires special mention,  Reverend James Theodore Wagner and Daphne Veronica Clarke!

Father Wagner…

Who recognized the importance of education for the advancement of Blacks residing in Windsor who faced racial discrimination in all facets of their lives established a mission comprised of a school and an orphanage to help their children.

Father Wagner saw injustice and was determine to help make it right! He saw what was wrong, and decided to get involve and do something to make it right! I am sure he realized that it was a David verses Goliath situation… That there was no guarantee that his endeavours would be successful, but he didn’t give up!  Even when the going got rough he didn’t quit!

Daphne Veronica Clarke…

When Miss Clarke initially told me about the The Catholic Coloured Mission of Windsor and its historical connection to Hotel Dieu Hospital, I was not too surprised being use to her pulling historical nuggets out of her purse on a regular basis.  What was surprising however, was how small the amount of people that knew about the mission and its ties to the hospital. Some even went as far as to say that was not true, that she got it wrong!  She didn’t argue the point; instead she went about the task of obtaining proof.  There was no guarantee that she would be successful, but she didn’t give up!  Even when the going got rough she didn’t quit!

Thanks to Reverend James Theodore Wagner!

Thanks to Daphne Veronica Clarke for working tirelessly to place a marker in the timeline of this city that recognizes his contribution.  This marker will serve to inform us, and remind us of The Catholic Coloured Mission of Windsor lest we forget!


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