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This Black History Month, Take a Youth to the Black Panther Movie Campaign

This campaign is a social movement of, by and for those of us that share the desire for truth, equality, and justice for all. After all no matter the colour we are one family. Let us come together this Black History Month (BHM) and make it the start of a new era by combining our resources, energy, and efforts and take a “merely a neat looking superhero movie,” according to Forbes, and turn it into the biggest Marvel Universe blockbuster ever. All that is required is for us to turn out in such massive numbers that the world will have to stop and take notice. #BHMCampaign

What better time for us to make history, than during Black History Month!

BCNN Media Corp. members have made a commitment to do their part and take 100+ youths to see the movie in Windsor for free. We are also in the process of raising funds to do the same in other major cities from coast to coast.

For further information or questions regarding the campaign visit there website by click here

If you are 18 years are younger as of February 2018 and live in the city of Windsor click here or image link below to request a free ticket (while quantities last) to the movie.

We have Black History Month the perfect time, a movie we can all support, now all that is required is for us to turn out in such massive numbers that the world will have to stop and take notice. We have the passion and with our awakening, we have the momentum and once you have the will you will find the way. This is our campaign! This is our time.


We are issuing a challenge to all black organizations, associations, unions, clubs, mosques, churches and fraternities to participate in this empowering Black History Month initiative.

It’s About us, It’s About Unity and It’s About Time…

According to Forbes Magazine

“Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, is merely a neat looking superhero movie scheduled between Thor 3 and Avengers: Infinity War”

But to those of us who are negatively portrayed on a regular basis, desperate to see ourselves represented positively on the big screen in a major way, a movie like this, with a cast of almost every black actor you can think of such as Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Danai Gurira and many more, it’s the movie event of a lifetime.

A Movie that can:

  1. Inspire, influence and Motivate our youth
  2. Change the “When we were slaves” Black History Month narrative

What makes this movie so special:

  • Making it’s cinematic debut during Black History Month
  • Big-budget superhero movie with a 90% black cast
  • It’s a movie we can all get behind
  • Contains numerous positive, inspiring, motivating, educational and influential role models
  • The superhero looks like you
  • Depicts a super advance African civilization second to none in the Marvel Universe
  • Will definitely send the wrong message if it does poorly or even flops
  • It’s a movie we can all get behind
We have the momentum. We have the passion. We have the opportunity to realize the dreams and aspirations of our community for generations to come. This is our time. This is our campaign.


Make the Black Panther movie into the biggest Marvel Universe blockbuster ever.

Keys to Campaign success

Our community and friends, especially in North America turned out in overwhelming numbers to view the movie during BHM.

Here is how you may get involved

We could use your help! Through your active participation “This Black History Month, Take a Youth to the Black Panther Movie Campaign” will be a huge success. There are a number of ways you can help achieve our Goals and Objectives:

  1. Make a donation using either our Go Fund Me or PayPal donation buttons on the right, which will go straight towards our primary goal of giving a free movie ticket to as many youths we can from coast to coast. It’s an easy process and you can give however much you want – every little bit helps.
  2. Raise awareness of the campaign on social media by liking or following us on any of your favourite social networking platform. Keep up to date with what is going on with the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and share stories that might be of interest to your friends.
  3. Have access to 10s, 100s, 1,000s of people through your social networks… please could you share with them the campaign and ask them to pass the word on?
  4. On Facebook, you can either join or create a group dedicated to discussing and organizing around the campaign. On Twitter (Hashtag #BHMBPMovie), you can get the word out by tweeting.
  5. Create your own campaign, this initiative is bigger than any one organization or person.
  6. Challenge your friends, family, church, organizations, association, clubs and fraternity you are a part of to get involved.
  7. Contact us to share your ideas or for more ways you can get involved click here

We are relying on the goodwill and hard work of people like you to make this campaign a huge success. With your support, we will make the vision our reality. We need you now, more than ever.

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This Black History Month, Take a Youth to the Black Panther Movie Campaign

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