“GREEN (Money)” is the new color of “reason” and matters the most!

Yikes. You must get a lot for your money…

We must learn to Support Black Owned businesses which reside in our neighbourhoods.

Some says the days of marching and protesting to achieve results are over. Lawmakers, politicians, police chiefs, and prosecutors are all paid with tax money, and in the event that their jobs are influenced by voters, then they solicit contributions from these tax payers to help them fund their campaigns. When I say tax money I don’t mean money generated by sales tax, I’m talking about property taxes, and fees derived from business licenses, permits, and inspections, all of which are a types of taxes which businesses pay. So in a sense Business Owners control the government and policies which shape the outcome of the events that affect our society, because they control the money or “GREEN.”

If we, Black People, want more control over what affects us, and what goes on in our neighbourhoods we must make changes. We must learn to Support Black Owned businesses which reside in our neighbourhoods. Patronizing these black businesses can lead to business growth and new jobs for people who live in these neighbourhoods. With the creation of more jobs the amount of home ownership will rise, and the need for new businesses to provide services to these new home owners. The children within these neighbourhoods can see black business owners as role models and strive to be business owner themselves. As our neighbourhoods begin to flourish and our overall wealth begins to grow, so will our voice for change and true equality.

So make your change today! Visit your local black owned businesses and patronize them regularly. If there is a service that you need and you can’t find a business within your neighbourhood, you can always find one on our black business directory!

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