November 30, 2017

    This Black History Month, Take a Youth to the Black Panther Movie Campaign

    This campaign is a social movement of, by and for those of us that share the desire for truth, equality,…
    November 26, 2017

    Crab in the barrell mentality

    if I can’t have it, neither can you… If one crab attempts to escape from a barrel of live crabs,…
    Local News
    November 26, 2017

    The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks

    Imagine something small enough to float on a particle of dust that holds the keys to understanding cancer, virology, and…
    Arts & Entertainment
    November 26, 2017

    Shaggy “It wasn’t me” Orville Richard Burrell

    Orville Richard Burrell (born October 22, 1968 Kingston, Jamaica), better known by his stage name Shaggy, is a Jamaican-American reggae…
      November 26, 2017

      The THRIVE Documentary: What On Earth Will It Take?

      Looking for a good documentary to watch? THRIVE is an excellent choice, and one of the best documentaries ever made…
      November 26, 2017

      “GREEN (Money)” is the new color of “reason” and matters the most!

      Yikes. You must get a lot for your money… We must learn to Support Black Owned businesses which reside in our…
      November 26, 2017

      Super Fruits To Enhance Your Sex Drive

      A healthy sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life… With so much going on every…
      November 26, 2017

      Introducing the “EMANCIPATION Flag” aka Black awakening Flag

      Red, Black and Green are the oldest national colours known to man. They are used as the flag of the…
      November 26, 2017

      Diet soda is calorie-free, but it won’t necessarily help you lose weight

      Artificial sweeteners have more intense flavour than real sugar, so over time products like diet soda dull our senses to…
      November 26, 2017

      Petroleum Jelly May Not Be As Harmless As You Think

      Check your average medicine cabinet, and you’re bound to find a jar of Vaseline. But is your trusty petroleum jelly…

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